Ruin Mist Dawn of the Ages written by Robert Stanek.


In his time, he will become a god, fathering whole peoples and nations. See where his story begins...

Breath of Fire

In this extraordinary new fantasy epic, bestselling author Robert Stanek returns readers to the fantasy universe of Ruin Mist, where the fate of a hundred worlds rests on the shoulders of an Alvish boy born into bondage...

For thousands of years the ageless masters have ruled the hundred worlds, conquering all who oppose them while raising those who bring them glory. But in remote Karthold, the boy Rastín struggles to keep alive the memories of his fallen people and fulfill the wishes of his ailing father. For an Alv he is young; he has no great power to help him, no true magic to light his way and keep him safe. Yet as his life turns increasingly grim, he must find the courage and resourcefulness to befriend his most savage enemies if there is to be hope for him and his people.

Betrayal tells the never-before-told story of Delinna’s journey into exile. Threaded through all four comics are the tragic romances that will tear apart nations and destroy worlds.

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Betrayal (A Daughter of Kings, Comic #1)

A decade before the events of the bestselling author Robert Stanek’s epic Ruin Mist, Kingdoms and Dragons books, a princess named Delinna Alder touches one of the Four Orbs crafted by Dnyarr, the last great Elf King of Greye, and is transformed forever. But Princess Delinna Alder has much to learn about the lethal price of being both within time and outside its bounds.

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Deliverance (A Daughter of Kings, Comic #2)

It began with betrayal. Now deliverance. Can Delinna Alder be saved? Can there be deliverance from fate?

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Rebirth (A Daughter of Kings, Comic #3)

Betrayal was followed by deliverance. Rebirth is next. But can one such as Delinna Alder truly be reborn? Or is she cursed to walk in darkness forever?

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Discord (A Daughter of Kings, Comic #4)

When Delinna touched the orb, she was transformed but soon learned there was a lethal price. Betrayal, deliverance, and rebirth followed. Now discord. What is the true price of her prize? Will she ever know? Will she ever be free of him?

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Keeper Martin's Tale
(Ruin Mist Chronicles, Book 1)

Special Illustrated Edition

Their secrets are revealed in A Daughter of Kings from fantasy author Robert Stanek. Read the Chronicles again knowing the truth behind the facade. Start with Keeper Martin's Tale and discover why this series remains a fan favorite after more than 10 years in print. After Keeper Martin's Tale, read Kingdom Alliance, Fields of Honor, and Mark of the Dragon.

Children and teens can start with The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches #1, #2, #3, and #4 and then read In the Service of Dragons #1, #2, #3, and #4. The children/teen editions contain illustrations, special extras, and other bonus materials that are not in the standard editions of the adult books.

The original books are chronicled ostensibly by Keeper Martin Braddabaggon as detailed in first edition Keeper Martin's Tale books (as well as the original e-books from 2001) and reproduced here:

In 15 BD, the Watcher, Xith, is recorded as saying that "History belongs to the teller and is only as reliable as the teller's recollection of it." This is the truth of the matter, and why Keeper Martin, head of the lore keepers, chose to pen his own version of the histories of Ruin Mist before and after the return of Dalphan the Wanderer. Through Keeper Martin's gathering of history from various individuals, the story of Ruin Mist is retold in these pages. Keeper Martin would like you to think that his version of the history is the only truthful and correct account but then again, history belongs to the teller and is only as reliable as the teller's recollection of it.

The Ruin Mist: Dark Path begins with Elf Queen's Quest for adults and The Elf Queen and the King #1 and #2 for children/teens. These books are meant for completists and true fans. This is an alternate telling of the chronicles, not told by Keeper Martin.

What are the Books About?

The Ruin Mist books tell the story of Vilmos, Adrina, Seth, and their people. Vilmos is a village boy who is just now coming into his own. He holds the key to powerful and forbidden magic and as his powers increase so do the links between his realm and the forgotten realms. He has never ventured beyond his forest home and wishes nothing more than another day to pass without the discovery of his greatest secret.

Adrina is the youngest daughter of King Andrew. She has free reign over Imtal palace and nothing beyond. She longs to see the world and would welcome change—any change—yet change is all around her. A dark king's spies roam the palace. The kingdom is on the brink of war. Her brother was sent away to restore order in the southlands. Her sister disappeared from the alter leaving her bethrothed and severing the last chance for unity.

Seth's home is across the endless sea. He is a high elf and a direct descendent of Queen Elf. For over a thousand years the elven people have kept to their own affairs and have not ventured out into the other realms but a strange force, called the fourth wind, is drawing Seth and his people to the realm of man. He is set to begin a journey that will change their lives and the fate of their realms forever.



The battle for the future begins in the past.


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